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5th anniversary for foreign language school and salon nearby JR Kobe station which is operated by freelance announcer

Image=This school is operated by Miss fuwa cindy tomoko, which works as a freelance announcer. Classroom designed to ensure you can learn in a relaxing environment.
「不破智子の神戸の教室」, A foreign language school and salon which is situated at 4th floor of a building near by JR Kobe Station(神戸市中央区多聞通3、TEL 078-360-2802)has achieved its 5th anniversary on 29th October.
This school is owned by Miss fuwa cindy tomoko, a freelance announcer which is capable in speaking English, Mandarin and Japanese. Miss Fuwa works as a reporter and radio DJ at broadcasting company in Japan previously, went and stayed in Singapore for 2 years. She studied in Singapore University and pick-up in Mandarin language skills, as well being in charge of the host DJ of the Japanese FM radio broadcasting which was on the air from the international channel at the Governmental broadcasting station named 「MediaCorp Pte Ltd」. As a Tri-lingual personal, she ventured around Hong Kong and Singapore frequently due to involvement with business talks and events held by Chinese personals.
 Even working as an Announcer, She also ventures into variety of challenges with involve international content. For example, not only from being an English or Bilingual MC、but also provide support on presentation in English for companies, Setting up customer manual, providing advice s from English and mandarin perspective as well. Providing not only just plain language translation but 「trying to present the content in a efficient manor and appeal at the same time」 instead, ensuring the content involving people, love, products, ideas, history and etc to be conveyable in words though Miss Fuwa Tomoko herself.
 Miss Fuwa started this school with the actual motive of maintaining her high desire for learning by providing a place where others can learn together at the same time. After operating the school, she actually felt that the effect is even better that what she had in mind. For example, by applying her experience of being an announcer, she is able to further enhance her proper pronunciation, presentation skills and etc during her English lesson lectures.
Courses provided such as from English conversation (Daily, Travelers, Business), Exam preparation (Eiken, TOEIC, Season Test, English and Math for Junior
high), Foreign language (Mandarin, Korean, Mongol), but also 「PC operating lecture from a Programmer」, 「Illustration lecture from Web designer」, 「Communication skills lecture(Presentation、Company employee training)」and etc. Support is also provided if further study in English and Mandarin is necessary by partnering up with language school in Singapore. Coordinating will be covered as well by local language school when home stay / dormitory are required.
「I wish to provide support to people who are hardworking and try their best. The school itself will act as a pace maker which will help each every individual till they achieve their goals set. The way of brushing up language skill is not about improving drastically but by going through experience of constantly taking note and being aware at all time. It makes me feel excited when I’m able to witness students slowing picking up, and finally able to have a grasp on what they are capable of. This is a nice place to be in which is created by people who came here and us. I really want to thank from the bottom of my heart that I was given a lot of opportunity to meet many people.」Said by Miss Fuwa herself.
*Thank you for reading the whole this article! By c Tomoko Cindy Fuwa